Block Axess, anti-ram
truck barrier
100% made in France

Industrial fabrication in our factory Klozmann,
in Saint-Etienne

Ensure your security for the prevention of terrorist attacks and malevolent acts, its above all control the fabrication of our products. We control all the production line of our modular security barriers, anti-ram-truck and anti-ram-raids.

Security and fiability of French industrial production


French fabrication

Steel Block Axess barriers are fully manufactures in our factory in Saint-Etienne, French mechanics cradle.
Klozmann is a company specialized in security metal products: anti-ram-trucks barriers, anti-vandalism doors and flame arrestor frames. All our products are 100% made in France.


– Control all the production line thanks to a 100% integrated production
– Quality control during the whole process of fabrication
– Crash test made by certified organisations
– Klozmann security expertise


Our barriers, in order to protect your events and sites, were designed by our engineer’s teams to provide a unique ease of use :
– Steel modular blocks, to resist terrorist attack and malevolent acts by ram-trucks
– Easy assembly for modular barriers
– Safety guaranteed: you need specifics tools for the assembly/ disassembly
– The only offer with corrosion resistant material: hot-dip galvanised steel

Block axess

Block axess