Block’Axess barriers: 1 product in 3 versions, designed to stop a truck up to 7.5 tons at 50 km/h

The BLAX V2 barrier is made of 25kg steel blocks connected by 70mm diameter tubes. The BLAX V3 (US standard) and BLAX V3PL (EU standard) versions are approved for trucks up to 7.5t (N2A).
The number and configuration of the modules can be modified at each event to adapt to the width of the lanes to be secured and to your requirements.

A hot-dip galvanized steel barrier to avoid corrosion

A barrier that does not damage the roadway during installation

An anti-vandalism barrier because it requires specific tools for assembly/disassembly

A barrier that is visible day and night

A customizable barrier

Block axess

Block axess