So that you can visit our website with total peace of mind, we want to share with you this page on the purposes and methods for processing of the personal data that we collect while you navigate through our website.
The processing of your personal data is always based on the principles of legality and equity, in accordance with all applicable laws.
Below you will find all of the details on how we process your personal data.

The data that you entrust to us is protected to ensure their confidentiality and security, and also to ensure that they are not altered.

All necessary measures are taken to ensure that:

  • You can be perfectly informed of how your data are processed;
  • Your data are kept only as long as they are needed for the purposes of processing;
  • You can access your data at any time in order to modify them or to request their deletion.

To attain these objectives, we implement appropriate technical measures to ensure that data processing complies with applicable laws related to data protection.

Note on the confidentiality policy

This declaration informs you, before accessing the various sections of the website, of how we will process your personal data, whether they are provided by you directly (such as your surname, first name, postal and email address, password, age, date of birth, sex, profession, marital status, etc.) our collected by us in another manner.

Identity and contact information for the data processing manager

The data processing manager is Mr. Patrice Faivre-Duboz, who can be contacted at the company’s head office : 11 Allée Victor Basch, 42000 Saint-Étienne, France.

Klözmann will process your personal data in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ( this fact will hereinafter be referred to as the “Confidentiality Policy”).

What are the personal data processed by Klözmann?

Klözmann collects information that is strictly necessary to provide its services.
Navigating through the website and/or accessing certain sections of the website may result in the subsequent collection and processing of your personal data by Klözmann. When you connect to the website, the IT systems and software protocols used to make those systems work automatically and/or indirectly collect certain information (using cookies).
In compliance with the law, Klözmann does not collect data tied to race or ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, affiliation with a labour union, personal genetic data, personal biometric data for the purposes of uniquely identifying a natural person, personal data regarding health, or personal data regarding the sex life or sexual orientation of a natural person.

Legal obligations

Klözmann may be required to share your personal data if it receives a legitimate request from government authorities, notably in response to requirements related to national security, countering fraud, or law enforcement.

How do we process your personal data?

The processing of your personal data may include any type of action, including, collection, recording, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, linkage, locking, sharing, cancellation, and destruction.

Your personal data will mainly be processed digitally, but also on paper, strictly according to the purposes of processing. This may be done through databases, electronic platforms managed by Klözmann or by third parties assigned as external managers for these purposes, and/or through the integrated computer systems of Klözmann and of the aforementioned third parties and/or through the website belonging to or used by Klözmann.

Klözmann has evaluated the level of security as being adequate in light of the risks that may result from loss, destruction, modification, unauthorised disclosure, accidental or illegal access, or abuse or modification of your personal data.
More specifically, Klözmann :
– Has taken appropriate security measures in light of the risks;
– Stores your personal data on servers located mainly within European territory. In all cases, the servers are subject to a system of advanced, daily safeguards.

Who receives your data?

Klözmann ensures that the only authorised persons within its organisation can access your data, and only when said access is necessary for maintaining customer relations.

Our service providers may also receive data, but only as needed to carry out the services we entrust to them.

For how long are your personal data stored?

In adherence with the principles of necessity and proportionality of data processing, the data processing manager has identified various durations for storage of personal data according to the individual intended purposes:

– For the purposes of managing your registration on the website, your personal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary and, in any case, for as long as your profile is active.
– For the purposes of managing and carrying out the obligations established in law (accounting, administration, taxes, etc.), your personal data will be kept for the time strictly needed for this purpose.

At the end of the durations of storage, we may archive the data, particularly to comply with the periods prescribed for legal actions.

The durations of data storage comply with recommendations from the French regulator CNIL and/or legal obligations.

Your rights in regards to processing of your personal data

The Confidentiality Policy grants you, as an interested party, several rights. In particular, you have the right:

  1. To obtain from the data processing manager confirmation of whether or not they possess your personal data, even if the data have not been recorded; in addition, you have the right for your data to be given to you in intelligible form, as well as the right to access your personal data (by obtaining a copy) and any pertinent information (including the purposes of processing, the categories and sources of the personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data have been or may be disclosed, the period for which they will be kept [if possible], and the rights that may be exercised);
  2. To obtain from the processing manager rectification of your personal data and completion of your incomplete personal data;
  3. To delete your profile from the website and, in any case, to obtain from the processing manager the deletion of your personal data without any unjustified delay, notably when the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were processed for when there is no longer any legal basis for their processing;
  4. To obtain from the processing manager anonymisation or locking of your personal data processed illegally, including data whose storage is not necessary, in connection with the purposes for which the personal data were collected or subsequently processed;
  5. To obtain from the processing manager a limitation on the processing of your personal data, including when you contest their correctness or their processing, for the period needed to verify the data;
  6. To receive, in a structured, commonly used format readable by an electronic device, your personal data and to send your personal data or, if it is technically possible, have your personal data sent directly to another processing manager without obstacle, in the case where processing is done by electronic means and is based on your consent or is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party;
  7. To revoke your consent to processing of your personal data for the purposes for which they were provided.

You can exercise your rights with Klözmann by sending a letter to Klözmann by ordinary post to the address indicated in the section “Identity and contact information for the data processing manager.”

In addition, if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the Confidentiality Policy, you can file a complaint with the authority in charge of personal data protection of the country in which you reside or where your place of work is located or where the alleged violation took place; or you can contact the same authority to request information on the exercise of your rights under the Confidentiality Policy.

Note on the Confidentiality Policy – Cookies

Cookies serve as digital markers sent by a server to the device of a user (generally their internet browser) when the accesses a given page of a website. Cookies, which may also be generated by websites other than those that the user visits (“third-party cookies”), are automatically saved by the user’s browser and communicate with the server that generated them each time the user accesses that website. In this way, for example, cookies enable and/or facilitate access to certain websites in order to improve navigation by the user (i.e. they enable the storage of information on pages visited and other specific information, like pages viewed more frequently, log-in errors, etc.). As such, for simple and complete usage of a website, it is recommended that the use configure their browser to accept cookies.

Often, browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. However, users may modify the default settings to deactivate or delete cookies (from time to time or constantly), with the consequence that optimum usage of certain areas of the website may not be possible. You can also verify the methods and types of cookies stored in your browser by changing the cookie settings of your browser.

Characteristics and purposes of cookies

Our website uses the following categories of cookies, which may come from Klözmann or third parties.

a) Technical cookies ;
These are used to facilitate your navigation on the website and your usage of its features. Technical cookies include essential cookies, which enable functions without which you would not be able to fully use the website, as well as performance cookies, which improve the functionality of the website.

b) Functional cookies ;
These enable the website to remember the choices you have made (for example, the language or geographic area where you are located) and offer them again on future visits in order to provide better, more personalised services (for example, they can be used to offer content similar to that which you requested in the past).

Method for consent to installation of cookies

When you access the website for the first time, you will see a banner with a link to this statement, where you will find more information on the cookies installed by Klözmann and by third parties.

For the usage of anonymous technical and analytical cookies, you consent is not required. You can, however, deactivate them by following the procedure described in the section “How to activate or deactivate cookies in your browsers.”

How to activate or deactivate cookies in your browsers:

You can block the acceptance of cookies by your browser. However, this may make it less efficient or prevent access to certain function or pages of the website.

Below you will find how to block the acceptance of cookies in the most commonly used browsers:

► Internet Explorer :

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► Safari :

For any questions about the protection of your personal data, our internal reference person is available to help you. To contact them, please send a letter to Klözmann by ordinary post to the address indicated in the section “Identity and contact information for the data processing manager.”

Revision and update of the Policy

This Policy will be updated as needed in order to comply with the requirements of regulations on data protection.

Date : 26 October 2021

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